Manufacturing Process

Handmade in Scotland

Our products are made by us here in Argyll in Scotland in the workshop kitchen which is located in our garden. We use some of the herbs we grow in our soap making and our seaweed is processed by ourselves. We do not use alcohol or solvents to extract the nutrients from the seaweed. Scotland has a long tradition of seaweed harvesting for food and for industry, over many centuries. We are glad to carry on this tradition. Unlike many businesses which may look similar to our business, we make our skincare products from scratch to our own formulations.

Heat Sensitive Manufacturing

Many of our active ingredients such as rosehip, borage, vitamin E & evening primrose are damaged by heat, so we do not add these ingredients until the cream has cooled to below 40 degrees. This means that all the amazing natural properties of the plants and precious oils are retained in maximum possible concentrations. Our seaweed gel enhances the emulsification process allowing us to use less of the commercially available plant based emulsifiers. Our products are made with great care in small batches to offer you our customers the freshest products we can.

Our Promise to You

We value integrity in all aspects of our business. We do what we say we do! We are confident that you will be happy with the product you purchase but if you wish to return it to us for any reason we will happily refund your money or replace the product you have purchased. We are always pleased to speak with our customers so please do call us if you wish to discuss your purchase with us.