Seaweed & Lavender Bathsoak 100g

Seaweed % Lavender Bathsoak

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Seaweed & Lavender Bathsoak

  • Flush the toxins from your body, whilst nourishing it with trace elements, minerals and vitamins. Relax and enjoy the therapeutic effects of bathing in seawater in the comfort of your own bathroom.
  • This highly beneficial seaweed bathsoak allows you to experience all the health giving benefits of seaweed in the comfort of your own home. We have blended pure powdered seaweed with Dead Sea salts and epsom salts along with organic essential oils of lavender to produce a luxurious bathing product which stimulates the lymphatic system and helps your body eliminate toxins.
  • Relax, let the seaweed do its work and feel refreshed.
  • Bathing in seaweed can be beneficial for a range of skin conditions including eczema and psoriasis and has been known to help with arthritic aches and pains.
  • Contents:100g of the bathsoak mix and a re-usable muslin bag
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